Saturday, October 23, 2010

"You Are More"

I really love this new song by Tenth Avenue North! It's all about how their is nothing we can do to earn our salvation, and it's completely God's rightoeusness that covers are dirt! Great reminder that it's all God and nothing in us! So, as we get ready for church in the morning, let us go to worship our savior that has made us new and covered all our sins! Praise God!!

"This is not about what you've done, but whats been done for you. This is not about where you've been, but where your brokeness brings you too. This is not about what you feel, but what He felt to forgive you, and what He felt to make you new!
You are more then the choices that you've made, You are more then the sum of your past mistakes, You are more then the problems you create, You've been remade!"

We've been remade by our savior!
Have a great Lord's day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow, it's been a long time!

Wow, it has been so long since I posted, so I decided to say hi! :) I am now in college, and it's going great! I'm living with my brother again, and I am enjoying that! I do miss my family a lot though, as I don't see them nearly as much! But, all in all, life is going well. I made the SVSU golf team, which is really cool, and that's been going well too. So that's my life the last two months! So, I'll close out with these amazing lyrics!

"Maker of heaven, giver of life, You are my strength my song in the night; my refuge, my shelter, now and forevermore! My help comes from the Lord!"

Amazing truths! But do we actually live like we believe it?? I know I don't enough of the time! But we will all keep striving to live as if the Lord is in complete control! Let's keep fighting this fight together my friends!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More by Matthew West

Read these lyrics and think about them as you read:
"Take a look at the mountains, stretching a mile high...Take a look at the ocean, far as your eye can see...And think of me. Take a look at the dessert, do you feel like a grain of sand? I am with you forever, and where you go is where I am. And I'm always thinking of you, take a look around you, I'm spelling it out one by one.
I love you more than the sun, and the stars, that I taught how to shine! You are mine, and you shine for me too! I love you yesterday, and today, and tomorrow I'll say, it again and again! I love you more!!!"

Just read these lyrics and think about how much our God loves us! And we are so small compared to His creation and all the other people in the world! And He knows us by name...and He numbers the hairs on our head! Just love how these lyrics were written and thought I'd share them!

God Bless,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first song!

So, I'm finally revealing my first song I wrote to my musical friends tomorrow, because I am planning on playing it in church soon. Here's the words to the chorus: "I need you more than any other thing, I need you more than water or the spring! For God you are my savior and redeemer of my soul! You alone can make me whole!" I wrote on a day when I was just not feeling that well...I was struggling with some sin, and was realizing that I needed God more than any other thing in this world! I love this song, and I hope it encourages someone else as we play it someday! This leads me to another thing...I have recently been dreaming of being a songwriter! I would absolutely love doing that cause I love writting songs! I don't have an amazing voice, so I would never be a singer and sing my own songs, but I would absolutely love to be one of the people that writes songs that other big names use! It's just a dream, and it's far fetched, but it would be an awesome job to have! Anyways, back on planet earth, I hope that my first song goes's surprisingly piano heavy, and I'm usually a guitar heavy person, so that was surprising, but I really like it, so we will see! :) Just wanted to share the chorus with you! I hope it encourages some of you out there! That is the most important thing!

Praising God with you!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Amazing experience at work

So, I was working this was a little after 6 am, and it was raining pretty hard. I was mowing away on the golf course, and I was listening to my ipod. I was not enjoying the rain much, but then "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North came on! I absolutely love this song, but as soon as it got to the chorus which says, "and I'll be by your side, whenever you fall, in the dead of night, whenever you call" soon as I heard that, I looked up and the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen was in the sky! I was speachless and was stunned by how amazing our God is! The very sign that tells us that God is with us and will keep His promises comes out right during that song! I was mowing greens with some of the biggest goosebumps ever! I couldn't believe how amazing our God is! Thank you, God, for showing me that sight this morning! I needed to see that! Wow, we have an awesome God!! Just had to share that story with you guys!!

Praising God!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come As You Are

Here is the chorus to a song I just heard awhile ago! I just love the lyrics so much!

"You can come as you are, with all your broken pieces, and all your shameful scars! The pain you hold in your heart, bring it all to Jesus! You can come as you are!"

These words encourage me so much! Just love those lyrics! No matter what baggage you hold, you will always be accepted by Jesus! Just had to share those words with you! I love the whole song, so go look it up! :) It's by "pocket full of rocks"! I love that band name too! Very creative! :)

Come as you are!
Sorry it's been so long!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Psalm 145: The Lord is gracious

So there is this amazing song by "Shane and Shane" based upon Psalm 145 and it is amazing! Here is the first verse, chorus, and closing!

"One generation will/ commend your kingdom/ to one another/ they will speak of you/ and I will meditate/ on Your wonder/ And they, they will speak/ of Your glorious splendor/ of Your majesty/ everyday I'll praise Thee/ Forever and ever!

The Lord is gracious/ and slow to anger/ He is rich in love/ He is good to all!

All who call on Him/ in truth He is near too/ And He hears there cry/ And saves them!"

So thankful that the Lord is gracious to me, and hears my cry for help! I will stand in awe of your majesty and praise thee forever and ever! Think about these words throughout your day, today! Think about how gracious God is to you and how rich in love He is! Know that when you call on Him, he will hear you and answer you! I hope we all really grasp the great love God has for us, and in turn, devote our lives to bringing glory to Him! Praise God with me today!! We serve an amazing God!

Please go search for this song and listen to it online! It's called "Psalm 145" by "Shane and Shane." It's not only a great song lyrically, but also a very pretty guitar song, so go check it out for both reasons! I know you'll love it! It's one of my favorites!