Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I was tagged!

Hey guys! I'm new to the blog thing, but I was tagged in this thing by Miranda, so I'm folding under the pure pressure and posting this! : ) Actually she didn't pressure me at all, it just looked like fun! Here we go!

Six Names You Go By?

Micah (everyone in my family calls me this normally)
Micah Jackson (A teasing sister: ) )
Curly Sue (same as above)
Senegal (my golf nickname...long story...don't ask : ))
Mika (also very occasionally on the golf course)
Common (By Mrs. Blaylock...also a very long but funny story!) : )

Three things you are wearing right now?

PJ pants
long sleeve tee shirt
my "pray for china" and "creation museum" bracelets

Three things you want very badly right now?

More of God!
More snow!

Three things you did last night/yesterBoldday?

rested because I was sick
watched golf
rested some more

Two things you ate yesterday?

An awesome steak dinner made by my mom!
Fried egg sandwich!

Two people you last talked to on the phone?


Two things you are going to do today/Boldtomorrow?

Basketball practice!

Your three favorite beverages

Milk : )

Well, that was exciting! : ) Thanks for tagging me Miranda!


  1. I forgot to add that Mrs. Blaylock also gave me the nickname Micah Man! I can't believe I forgot to put that one in there!! : )


  2. What about Grandpa's nickname for you, "Micah the Lika" and my nickname for you "Moo" or "Mooster"? Oh, and then, Grandpa calls all you kids "Brat." :)

  3. Oh man, I forgot about those too! Either that or I didn't include those because of the embarasment it would bring!!! : ) JK!

  4. haha! That is awesome. But micah i have some nick-names that i'm called (thank you, daddy!)that i wouldn't put on my blog either. i'm glad that you had fun doing the tag! :-)

  5. Let's hear em!!! : ) JK!!! I'm not embarassed by those nicknames! "Micah moo" is about as bad as it gets! : )

  6. maybe i'll tell ya later. : ) they are actually not that bad! Nick-names from family members shows that they love you.

  7. I had fun reading this! ;-)


  8. Thanks for reading, Jenn!! : )