Monday, February 22, 2010


I sit here in bed, on this late Sunday night and early Monday morning, speechless, thinking about the love of God towards us! I have no verse or song to recite, just this great thought of His love to send His son to die for us! The sermon today talked about the day of the Lord and how it will be a day of judgement...but God put that judgement on His son for us! God didn't suppress His wrath; if He did, that would make Him unjust; but He choose to pour it out on His son instead! This leaves me so speechless and in great amazement as I sit here! There's nothing in me that deserved His love! I am a wretched sinner, but God's grace covers all those sins! I have nothing to boast in, in myself! I can only boast in Christ my savior! Reminds me of a song we sing at our church, and the chorus goes like this, "This the power of the Cross; Christ became sin for us; took the blame, bore the wrath, we stand forgiven at the Cross!" Thank you, Jesus, for taking the blame for me! I sit in amazement at the thought of Your great love for us!! Praise God!


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  1. AMEN!!!! There are no words that exist that can tell how great and amazing our God is!!! As you said, it just leaves us speechless....

    God is truly indescribable!!