Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knowing you

I was at music practice tonight, and a song hit me! The song "Knowing You" really hit me as so amazing! The lyrics are so simple, but so great!
"Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You; There is no greater thing. Your my all, Your my rest, Your my joy my righteousness, and I love You Lord!"
It is such a simple message, but I think that's why we take it for granted! Knowing Jesus is such an amazing thing! We can speak to Him through prayer and His word! How amazing is that? The all-mighty creator of all things allows us to personally talk to Him, and inspired the pages of the Bible we read! He is the one who fills us with joy, and makes our joy full! And not only that, but He is our source of righteousness! Without Christ we are all hopeless sinners, heading for hell! But Christ made a way to be reconciled to God! That is the most amazing thing about "knowing Him"! That is one thing we should constantly be in praise about! Thank you, Jesus, for shedding your blood for me and all my other brothers and sisters in Christ! I love You, Lord!!



  1. AMEN Micah! I know i take the song for granted far two many times!! I have sung it many times up on stage or hummed it in my head during the week but there have been far fewer times where i have sat down, realized that i actually personally know the creator of the universe, and praised Him for that!!

    It is so weird!! We feel so special if we get to met in person a famous rock band, baseball player, celebrity etc. and we take for granted the we know the creator of the universe on a even more personal level!! How amazing is that!!

    I could go on an on about how amazing it is but i'll stop here. :)

    How awesoem it is to know God! wow!

  2. Amen, Miranda!! It's amazing!! And yes, we do feel so great when we meet somebody famoes, but don't even realize what we have in Christ! Thanks for your comment!


  3. Oh I love this song, we sing it in my church as well.
    I take so much for granted, it's indescribable. :(

    It is really neat to think that God chooses us, and decides to touch our itty bitty little lives. amazing.

  4. Yeah, Sarah, I take so much for granted too! I'm with you on that one! :(

    Yes, that is an amazing thing!! He chooses us out of all the people in the world! It's awesome!

    Thanks for commenting! :)