Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prayin for you: Lecrae

So, I know I've been on a Lecrae kick lately, but I can't help it, I'm just writing what I love at the time, so bear with me! : ) So, I have another song of his that I really like, so I'm gonna put the lyrics here for you!! They are really long, but when you find the time, please read them! I think you'll be able to relate!

"Verse 1: Father, I'm praying for a friend, he and I are pretty close. And out of all my friends, for this one I'm concerned the most. He say he reading daily, but he ain't really learning. He been to church but say that he ain't moved by any sermon. His faith's weak, he aint prayed in a week, he wake up and just weep, with his face in the sink. Lord, you gotta help my man, I'm praying for him daily. He ain't sin, but it just seems as if he's going crazy. He say he's feeling trapped, can't even hit up the mall, cause every ladies half dressed, tempting him to lust and fall. He keep the tv off, videos just make him feel, that he ain't really nothing without money, girls, and shiny wheels. The other day he told me, that he felt less a man cause he ain't got a five year plan, or a piece of land. And man it's crazy cause his family thinks so much of him. Plus he's got a godly wife who's always showing love for him. But he's struggling, even though he talk to me, I tell him what to do but he don't listen when he ought to be. I'm scared for him cause there's people that look up to him, he's got some younger siblings how've been changed by what he's done for them. But is it done for him? Lord don't let it be! If he don't wanna talk to you then, father, hear from me!
Verse 2: God, His condition is worsened, since we were last conversin. I'm with him now, and he ain't doin well, of this I'm certain. He say he trying to trust you, doesn't wanna discust you, but he was in the midst of sinners and did not discuss you. And just today his anxiety's got the best of him. He knows Christ but for hours refuses to rest with Him. He's not the best of men but Lord I know he really loves you. And I can't understand why lately he's not thinking of you! People trust this dude! You could crush this dude! Father he needs more of you, I pray you touch this dude! What can I say to him, I'm determained to pray for him, Father empty and break him, I pray you'll just have your way with him! Cause there's a change in him! And the effects are strong! I pray you'll open up his heart before the next song! And when he gets home, I pray he'll open up the sixty-six book love letter, you wrote, and soak it up! Cause he ain't hearing you, and he aint feeling me! And God I know it's killing You, because it's killing me! And matter of fact, there's something else he's concealing see, the person that i've been praying about is really me!"

I so feel like this man all the time!! Totally not doing as God would want me too! Not always doing bad things, just not doing what's best for God! I pray that God will get ahold of us, and get us to pick up His sixty-six book, love letter, and soak it up! That's what we need!! We need that more then anything!! I'm praying for all my friends out there! That we would continue to go after Him strongly! I'd appreciate your prayers for me as well! Where all in this together! But we've got a mighty God who is on our side too! Praise God!! Sorry this was so long!



  1. This is a absulotely fabulous song!! I am not a man but i can understand it just as well. I will be praying for you, micah! Thanks for praying for me and the rest of us!! Thanks for the great reminder to read the Bible and that God is on our side!! If He is for us...then who can be against us!!?? NO ONE!
    I like long posts and this one was very nice!!!


  2. Thanks, Rana! Your totally welcome!! Amen!! Who can be against us??? NO ONE AT ALL! : )


  3. your welcome!! AMEN!! That was a great service last night...and the pastor was so great!! :)


  4. Haha...yeah, that was a rockin' awesome pastor!! : ) HAHA!! It was cool having him up there!