Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Okay...so I was tagged in this thing were you go to your fourth foulder and look at the fourth pic in that folder...well, I only have one folder of pics, so I picked a random one, so here it is! : )

This pic was taken when Jenn and Miranda got a hold of my phone and started having a little fun!! This one makes me laugh so much!! : ) Jenn is probably gonna kill me for posting this on my blog, but I had a good life and it was worth it! HAHA!! : )

It says to tag people, but I say if you wanna do it, go for it! You don't need me to tag you!! : )



  1. OK... That's kinda funny that it's YOUR blog and you aren't even in the picture!! HEHE..

  2. Haha..surprisingly I have very few pics of me on my computer, so that's not to crazy!! : ) Miranda gets a hold of my phone a lot! : )


  3. That is a awesome picture micah!! :)

    Hey now!! Its half mine anyway!! :-p

  4. Haha....true, rana!! I forgot!! : ) I don't mind!! : )


  5. wow! i was looking through your posts and saw this! I love it! We both look so different now! jenn's got curly hair and mine is inches shorter. :P

    Awesome picture!
    We'll have to add more of those on your new phone soon! ;)


  6. :D Haha...yeah, you guys have changed a lot! I love this pic too! :D Makes me smile!!

    *SMILE* <----- SEE :)

    Yes we will!! :)