Sunday, May 16, 2010

Psalm 145: The Lord is gracious

So there is this amazing song by "Shane and Shane" based upon Psalm 145 and it is amazing! Here is the first verse, chorus, and closing!

"One generation will/ commend your kingdom/ to one another/ they will speak of you/ and I will meditate/ on Your wonder/ And they, they will speak/ of Your glorious splendor/ of Your majesty/ everyday I'll praise Thee/ Forever and ever!

The Lord is gracious/ and slow to anger/ He is rich in love/ He is good to all!

All who call on Him/ in truth He is near too/ And He hears there cry/ And saves them!"

So thankful that the Lord is gracious to me, and hears my cry for help! I will stand in awe of your majesty and praise thee forever and ever! Think about these words throughout your day, today! Think about how gracious God is to you and how rich in love He is! Know that when you call on Him, he will hear you and answer you! I hope we all really grasp the great love God has for us, and in turn, devote our lives to bringing glory to Him! Praise God with me today!! We serve an amazing God!

Please go search for this song and listen to it online! It's called "Psalm 145" by "Shane and Shane." It's not only a great song lyrically, but also a very pretty guitar song, so go check it out for both reasons! I know you'll love it! It's one of my favorites!



  1. Sweet song, mikei! :-) The lyrics are amazing and if it has awesome guitar it should be even better!!!! :-P It is great to read those words of yours! It encourages me to see my friends pursuing their relationship with Christ! I totally spurs me on in my own relationship with Him! Thanks!! I will make sure to look up that song and let you know what i think!!


  2. I'm glad you enjoy what I have to say! That is such an encouragment to me! Your blog does the same encouraging for me too! Thanks so much for being such a godly on you blog as well! I'm glad we can spure each other on to Christ! Yeah, you definitely need to look up that song! The guitar is amazing...your mouth will be hanging open! : )

    Thanks again!

  3. that guitar is amazing, great song!!!
    awesome post Micah. I'm proud of you for posting more and more on here! I always enjoy reading! :)

  4. Yeah, it is amazing!! Glad you liked it!
    Thanks Sarah!! I appreciate the compliment!! I totally enjoy your blog too! :)